It's well overdue time to share some fabulous photo's with you from my ever growing back catalogue of photo-shoots. So here I give you the lovely Brad, Emma and their little boy. This growing toddler who was just finding his feet apparently has a love of swings and slides, and they also enjoyed taking walks as a family.

Walking down the slide at Arrowe Park

Bring on Arrowe Country Park on a lovey sunny Saturday morning - much better photo conditions than attempt number one. Unfortunately not everything goes according to plan with an outdoor photo-shoot, and our British skies are not always kind. But my booking promise protects all my clients - if adverse weather conditions makes things un-shootable, I will re-arrange the photo-shoot on a new mutually suitable date. 

Boy toddler smiles on swing in park

Brad & Emma were not sure where the wanted their family photo-shoot, so requested I find a suitable park which had nature, swings and a slide!

Emma & Brads Family Photo's Arrowe Park-19.jpg

Arrowe Park makes for some lovely dappled light as the sun falls between the leaves of the estates many tree covered walkways. We just went for a walk exploring on our way to the play park. Part of what you get when you invest in me is a researched shoot to suit your own particular needs.

Arrowe Park family walk under dappled tree light

Because this was my first time doing a location photo-shoot at a park up the Wirral, but also at Arrowe Park, not only did I research where best fit the requirement, I then went to explore and get the lay of the land, before meeting the clients. I try to do this whenever possible to find the best locations for your photographs.

Family walk through the natural tree archway

There are two types of photo-shoot - one where it is completely posed or one which is more focused on time together. Emma & Brad chose the latter because although they really wanted family photo's to document this stage in their son's life they were not too keen on posing in front of a camera. Not everybody likes being the subject of attention. 

Baby in cybex pram

Not being so keen on the camera, I helped Emma and Brad to relax by just getting them to play in the park and focus on their little boy. While they played, I took numerous photo's until the presence of the camera became a little more normal. Continuing by sharing the odd candid style great picture all while having an easy going conversation interjected with the occasional idea or direction always helps a little too.

Daddy and Son on slide at the park
Babies first steps learning independance

As the shoot progressed and the whole family relaxed we went for a walk and caught some photo's that involved actually looking at the camera, allowing them to create some moments which their friends and family could really connect with, as if they were looking directly at them! After all, this is what we expect when we spend time with our nearest and dearest - we look at each other as we talk and spend time together.

Mum, dad and son in the park

I'll leave you with the rest of the photo's. I'd love to know what you enjoyed so please tell me in the comments box below...

Smiles on the slide
Babies first steps family walk in the park
Walk in the park holding hands
Safety in daddy's hands to explore
Running toddler in the park
Swinging with dad father daddy
Mummy son moment swings bit smiles
Black and white smiling baby in park swing
Lift baby above head
Big smiles family cuddles
Cuddles with daddy beard smiles
Family strolling with toddler baby in pram
Toddling in the park
Child wave waving with mummy
Child loves leaves reaching for tree
Child small boy reaches to be picked up
Child dancing on log playing climbing walking tree trunk
Fun family times photoshoot together in woods
Family photoshoot playing on tree trunks in woods
Family woodland photoshoot lizzy biggs photography