I see it as an honour and privilege to be involved in your intimate day, to help you record the story in a treasurable beautiful way. Trust and good communication are absolutely key, so while not a necessity, I find having a pre-wedding photo shoot helps with building trust, discovering likes and dislikes and to help you begin to relax a little in front of the lens allowing for natural photo's on the big day. 

How I Work

Weddings are all about people – the connections between them and the atmosphere they create. As such I will be around and about to capture photos of you (the bride and groom), key moments and your interactions with your guests on the day. Through my getting to know the group and the relationships within it, I will be better able to tell your wedding day story, as your guests grow to trust me, relax and begin to stop noticing the camera .

Sometimes it is important that I step into the background in order to allow the story to have its own voice. However, I don't believe great photographs 'just happen,' but that your photos will be all the more striking if sometimes such as during the B&G/bridal party portraits I can step in to give gentle direction and suggestions. This is with a view to capturing the most flattering and creative angles and poses to help you truly shine..

My Style

No two wedding photograph collections ever turn out the same - even when using the same venue - due to the mix of personality and emotion captured in your photographs, the people and individual choices in design, details and decoration. But one thing remains the same: I give my full care and attention to the small details combined with an awareness and sensitivity to your desires. This helps me to depict your special day in a beautiful way representing you uniquely, not just as another cloned wedding album. My aim is to make sure that your wedding day will always be remembered as a celebration of your relationship and love, with photos to look at for years to come, reminding you of the people who shared it with you.

As I document the day aware of key moments and running order, I am always on the lookout for those special smiles from playing children, intimate moments, joyous laughter at jokes, heartfelt looks during speeches, whirling dancers, and general merriment. Fairly soon after the ceremony I also aim to get some slightly more intimate shots which will look great framed on the wall or to take pride of place on your desk or mantelpiece. Into this mix of reportage and portrait photography I also like to add artistic photographs celebrating the choices you have so carefully made to accentuate your special day, such as the venue, beautiful flowers, the cake, centrepieces and other wedding memorabilia.  These context photographs help when making an album, and after spending months planning the perfect day it would be so sad to miss out these little details.

Specific Photographs

Try not to make long lists of photographs you want because the chances are that you will end up disappointed when they don’t meet your pinterest or perfect wedding blog expectations. Every wedding is different, so as a result, the opportunities for different photos are different. Plan for great things to happen, make arrangements if needed but at the same time stay realistic. Spectacular sunsets or magical summer haze doesn’t happen often but if they do, I will be there to make the most out of them.

Obviously, if there is something specific that is very important you, or someone you'd be upset if you'd not had a photograph with, please do let me know. No matter how good I may be, I am not a mind reader and so need a little inside information before I can try weather, time, situation and people dependent to incorporate these ideas into your wedding day collection. If however you’re thinking of having a photo of the bridal party erupting from a volcano or being chased by a dinosaur - I’m afraid I’m not the one.

Wedding Packages:

I offer a fully bespoke service: feel free to take the packages below as a starting point that we can add to or change as you need. My listed service is for a full day, however discounts are available for a half day, small wedding or midweek wedding.

Please contact me for a no obligation quote or to discuss what I can do for you!

White Package: Beautiful Photos

With all day coverage your wedding day photography is lovingly taken care of.

Package Includes:

  • Initial consultation meeting to discuss desires and requirements.
  • Pre-wedding mini-photoshoot with complimentary 3x photo's edited for use before the wedding (perhaps for invitations/wedding website etc.)
  • Unlimited all day wedding coverage.
  • Portraits with the Bride and Groom plus chance for a number of group photos if required with direction to help you look your best.
  • Candid photos of the guests, wedding happenings and wedding memorabilia such as flowers, cake and decorations.
  • 300+ hi-resolution images individually re-touched with my signature style on a USB Stick in a beautiful presentation box for keeping safe. Print as many as you like, or create your wedding album.
  • 300+ watermarked images sized for quick online sharing e.g. facebook/twitter.


Purple Package: Stunning Album

By choosing the Purple Package you get not only the wedding coverage and 300+ images on a USB Stick as contained in the White Package, but also a hassle free stunning showpiece to share with friends and family. Let me guarantee it is not a job indefinitely waiting on your to do list.

With your choice ofa hand crafted photo story album, printed on the highest quality art paper with lay flat pages, your photographs will truly shine in either:

  • 15 spread 14x10" Bellissimo Perfetto Album with a linen, leatherette or hessian cover and smart presentation box.
  • 20 spread 12x12" hand bound leather Folio Album in a beautiful clam-shell presentation box.

Bespoke quotes available to add additional page spreads, upgrade cover materials, paper weight, and style of ink for these already stunning products. Equally ask about the greater range of sizes available or the addition of parent albums.


Silver Add-On: Additional Photos

Sometimes you just cannot choose between one photo and another loving them equally. When you want to re-live every minute of your special day, additional photos may help. Feel free to add additional individually re-touched hi-resolution images to your package.

Additional Photos:

  • +25 for £75
  • +50 for £125
  • +100 for £200
  • +250 for £350
  • All photo's for £500

But do not fear - you do not have to make a decision now. Many couples are quite happy with the original 300+ photo's of their day and this add-on price is available up to 3 months after your wedding package photo's are selected.

£75 - £200


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