Lizzy Biggs Wedding Photographer Chester | Portraits | Events


Lizzy Biggs Wedding Photographer Chester | Portraits | Events

Capturing the moments that matter





Contrary to popular belief fantastic photographs do not 'just happen.' As such, I need to be more than a journalist documenting your story. I love weddings and I love doing wedding photography so you are in safe hands.

Do not think super intrusive. I will give as much or as little gentle direction as desired to help you be even more fabulous. I wish to create artistic and flattering images - but definately not at the expense of your fun and freedom. After all, It is your wedding day, not mine so I will also give you as much space as possible to chat, eat, drink and even dance.


Easy Going, Fun, Stylistic PHOTOGRAPHY, Showcasing your personality


I often find people say they are camera shy or that they don't photograph well and this is why they have come to me. The come to create a snapshot in time of their family as it grows, to celebrate engagements and anniversaries, to record achievements and special days, or to get a great profile shot to help further their career and many more reasons besides...

When we work together, I like to keep it relaxed, and fun. We will laugh and chat lots (I do like to chat!) and that’s how we’ll get the best images, when you are feeling at ease, comfortable and having fun.

From a walk in the park or a trip to the beach I like to use the flattering natural light, but that said, I will also bring along flash equipment to enhance your images, adding impact when the sun is less than helpful: after all - this is Britain!