Lizzy is an experienced photographer and Artist based in Chester (UK), who Loves to Create Photographic Artwork

 I love to photograph portraits for my wonderfully creative clients, who have a clear idea of what they are looking for in their portrait. The more unique the more exciting I find it to collaborate with them, bouncing ideas off each other, and taking the photo shoot to a new level as the vision evolves. 

I consider myself to be energetic, professional and creative.  Ever since receiving my first film camera aged five I've been passionate about photography - I especially love to shoot people and the excitement of grasping photographic opportuinities and making the portraits come to life before your eyes affirming your identity in a real and beautiful way.

While my art and photography education have helped me become the photographer I am today, I am very much aware that creative subjects are like driving - you only really learn how to drive when you get out there and start doing it for real after your test. Since my first real client over 10 years ago I have come a long way, and learnt many lessons - the main one being that you need to stay passionate. This is why I love to work with people to create their portrait - no two are the same. I am so excited to join you and help you fashion the portrait you so deeply desire and deserve to recieve!

I currently work across the UK, but predominantly photograph in Cheshire, Merseyside, North Wales and Northwest England.

When I am not working I love getting out and finding new places for inspiration, sketching, pursuing personal projects, reading articles on new image editing ideas then testing them out and meeting friends for tea and cake while discussing our newest brilliant ideas!


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But enough about me: I would much rather hear about you.

Landscapes & Nature


In my free time I love to capture the beauty of the natural world. There are so many colours, shapes and patterns to be seen the choice of subjects is endless. If you are interested in purchasing a nature print, wall-art or pack of postcards/gift-cards please contact me via my booking form.



Another thing of beauty I love to depict is the land, sky and sea, especially by the stunning light of dawn, dusk or dappled mist. Again, I am amassing quite the gallery and if you are interested in purchasing a print, wall-art or postcards/gift-cards contact me via my booking form.


 Newest photo shoots will be depicted in blog

Newest photo shoots will be depicted in blog

blog Updates

Visit my blog for recent updates and photo's. Going forward I am also preparing some posts to help you with all things picture related - be that advice for your photoshoot or tips and tricks for taking your own photos. If you would like to follow my personal projects then follow Thoughts and Photographs personal blog.